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Two Die Thread Rolling Machines

HK and KZ series two die cylindrical thread rolling machines are used for shaping circular cross section materials.

HK series machines make Rolling force with moving on 3 or 4 column.

KZ series machines moving body move on wedge.

With our 2 die cylindrical which can produce 3 to 85 tons of rolling force, you can form up to 12 mm pitch screws, knurls and splines in a shorter time than machining. To obtain materials in any length, our machines have standard ring roller using ability.

Production with thread rolling:

  • - Short manufacturing times "energy saving"
  • - Non-chipping manufacturing "material saving"
  • - Oriented pellets in material micro structure "durable product"
  • - Standard piece manufacturing "quality product"

These listed advantages are preferred in automotive, construction and white goods industries worldwide an brings a great market share to manufacturer.

With our thread rolling machines as much as every threading can be done, also tie rod, lug bolt, threaded rods, ball joints can be manufactured.

Optional Equipments:

  • * Hydraulic Brake System
  • * Pitch Adjustment at Gearbox
  • * Pneumatic Centering Equipment
  • * Automation Applications
  • * Additional Covers, Referring to Customer Request

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